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How to fix typical laminate floor issues

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners who appreciate its price, durability, and the range of styles it offers; however, while laminate is easier to clean and maintain than hardwood floors or carpet, it is not always problem-free.

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Common problems and fixes

Moisture, scratches, bubbling, uneven or slippery surfaces and cracked finishing are all possible drawbacks, although many of these can be either avoided or easily resolved. Here’s how.

Rips, cracks and lumps

These tend to be there from the start, so always check laminate flooring carefully before either buying it or allowing a tradesman to lay it. It makes economic sense to find and pay someone who knows what they are doing rather than laying your laminate flooring yourself if your skills are not up to it.

Uneven finishes could also be down to an incorrect floor type or poor preparation, so make sure what you want to install is the right product for your particular floor. Avoid placing heavy pieces of furniture on your flooring, as this can constrict the necessary expansion.

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Moisture and bubbling

Leaking pipes and humid, poorly-ventilated rooms are the main culprits here. The best solution is to lay waterproof laminate flooring from an established stockist such as, following the post-installation care instructions to reduce the risk of further damage.

Slippery surfaces

If animals struggle to get a grip on laminate flooring, a few non-slip rugs can often be enough to solve this issue.

Antique fireplaces, a modern choice for a contemporary home

Be it as it is, no matter how much time passes by there are items of never fading beauty. Because sometimes, something classic stay classic and in trend as centuries pass and as humanity evolves. Such a statement piece, of endless beauty and elegance is represented by vintage or antique fireplaces such as the ones from the Thornhill Galleries. As old as humanity, hearths have been warming and decorating homes of the young and the old, of the rich and the poor. And fireplaces are still of actuality and highly appreciated even in our days.

Many people believe that a modern home has no room for a vintage item, but they couldn’t be more wrong, especially when we are talking about fireplaces. Such an exquisite piece can only enhance the visual aspect of a contemporary space. Antique fireplaces are art representatives of their age. Same as a Botticelli or a Picasso painting, a fireplace crafted in vintage era does not lose its beauty, its excellence and its value. Because truly, an antique fireplace is nothing less of a work of art.

And a work of art is always in style. In a modern home, a vintage fireplace mantel takes upon itself the status of elegance. It makes a modern home be a classic one. It adds visual charm and never ending style. This is what makes an antique fireplace a modern choice for a contemporary home.

The Thornhill Galleries, home of antique fireplaces

When it comes to fireplaces, be they antique or bespoke, fireplace accessories and fireplace craftsmanship, no one is more up to date and specialized than the London based Thornhill Galleries. This family owned business has more than 2 centuries experience in manufacturing and providing mantel pieces and more to home owners all across Britain and the world.

With a simple visit to their showroom in Wellington Crescent or to their antique fireplaces website, one can have a glimpse at the beauty of vintage mantels, firebacks, andirons, firescreens and more. And believe me, as classic as they are, as good they fit a modern home.

The Thornhill Galleries know how to appreciate true works of art. And that is visible in each and every exhibit they own, create and sell. Every vintage fireplace is a statement of endless beauty, of elegance and of good taste. Who wouldn’t want that in their homes?

A modern home doesn’t have to be plain and cold. It can have a sophisticated feel to it. Adding a piece of classic beauty is just the trick any contemporary home owner can opt for in order to have a stylish home. Vintage items are charming. They bring style and luxury to a place, making it feel quite a bit royal actually. An antique fireplace is part of that category. It brings warmth to your home and it enhances the interior design of your personal space.

Don’t be afraid to play with old and new, it won’t make your place look old, but rather delightful and luxurious.

The availability of a good CCTV Camera system

In the world that is filled with different kinds of people today, protecting one and the property of a person from the others have become one of the major stresses of people all over the world. This process has been simplified by the help of a good cctv camera system. Though CCTV cameras have not reached every human on the planet, its use has become sustainably high compared to the olden days. This is because the reasons to safeguard a person’s property or even a person have increased tremendously. Trying to understand the newest technology used in the cctv cameras that are available in the market today can be quiet intimidating. But, once a person has decided that he/she needs a CCTV camera system for security reasons there are a number of things that should be noted beforehand. They are described below.

Things to note when installing a cctv camera

Most CCTV cameras come with a built in storage unit that is used in order to store the footage that are recorder.  A person purchasing a cctv camera system should know if the device comes with this built in unit or will it be dependent on a hard disk that is available in the DVR. This DVR is the short name given to the Digital Video Recorder that is present in a cctv camera. This unit helps in recording the videos with the help of the camera. This kind of storage facility is seen in cctv cameras that are a bit cheaper. The pan and the tilt of the cctv camera should also be learnt prior to purchasing one. These are the degrees that the camera can rotate and cover. Pan is the maximum angle that a cctv camera can rotate horizontally. The vertical angles are denoted as tilt. Knowing this will help a person to choose the right cctv camera system based on their needs. These features help in covering a wider angle and providing protection for a large space with the help of a single camera. The cctv camera with a higher tilt and pan have become essential. The quality of the image that is captured should also be considered before purchasing a cctv system. The resolution of a camera will decide the quality of the image that will be displayed. The image quality will steadily increase with the increase in the resolution. In order to store images and footages of higher resolution, a large amount of storage space will be required.