Antique fireplaces, a modern choice for a contemporary home

Be it as it is, no matter how much time passes by there are items of never fading beauty. Because sometimes, something classic stay classic and in trend as centuries pass and as humanity evolves. Such a statement piece, of endless beauty and elegance is represented by vintage or antique fireplaces such as the ones from the Thornhill Galleries. As old as humanity, hearths have been warming and decorating homes of the young and the old, of the rich and the poor. And fireplaces are still of actuality and highly appreciated even in our days.

Many people believe that a modern home has no room for a vintage item, but they couldn’t be more wrong, especially when we are talking about fireplaces. Such an exquisite piece can only enhance the visual aspect of a contemporary space. Antique fireplaces are art representatives of their age. Same as a Botticelli or a Picasso painting, a fireplace crafted in vintage era does not lose its beauty, its excellence and its value. Because truly, an antique fireplace is nothing less of a work of art.

And a work of art is always in style. In a modern home, a vintage fireplace mantel takes upon itself the status of elegance. It makes a modern home be a classic one. It adds visual charm and never ending style. This is what makes an antique fireplace a modern choice for a contemporary home.

The Thornhill Galleries, home of antique fireplaces

When it comes to fireplaces, be they antique or bespoke, fireplace accessories and fireplace craftsmanship, no one is more up to date and specialized than the London based Thornhill Galleries. This family owned business has more than 2 centuries experience in manufacturing and providing mantel pieces and more to home owners all across Britain and the world.

With a simple visit to their showroom in Wellington Crescent or to their antique fireplaces website, one can have a glimpse at the beauty of vintage mantels, firebacks, andirons, firescreens and more. And believe me, as classic as they are, as good they fit a modern home.

The Thornhill Galleries know how to appreciate true works of art. And that is visible in each and every exhibit they own, create and sell. Every vintage fireplace is a statement of endless beauty, of elegance and of good taste. Who wouldn’t want that in their homes?

A modern home doesn’t have to be plain and cold. It can have a sophisticated feel to it. Adding a piece of classic beauty is just the trick any contemporary home owner can opt for in order to have a stylish home. Vintage items are charming. They bring style and luxury to a place, making it feel quite a bit royal actually. An antique fireplace is part of that category. It brings warmth to your home and it enhances the interior design of your personal space.

Don’t be afraid to play with old and new, it won’t make your place look old, but rather delightful and luxurious.

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